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Real wwe couples

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WWE Couples - Superstars Who Are Married In Real Life -

Because of the lifestyle, they are involved in; these couples share an unlikely common story. Who could understand a pro wrestler better than another pro wrestler? Who could possibly commiserate with living a life of extreme physical injury and theatrics if not a partner in the same over-the-top industry? real wwe couples

And yet, so few made it. But, some did. Here are the couples that flourished in the weird, larger-than-life world of WWE. Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella have been together sinceshortly after having wwee storyline together in which they were dating. Real wwe couples time I look into your eyes, I immediately feel comfort.

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Pamela Rose Martinez, whose in-ring name is Bayley, met Aaron Solow in while they were both training together in California. They are now engaged to be married, though no information about the wedding has yet real wwe couples announced. Shawn and Rebecca have been married since They have both since retired from professional wrestling in and live in Texas.

Originally on the E! However, after meeting Jimmy Uso and falling madly in couplee with him, real wwe couples two got married resl started having a more normal life.

Listing Every Confirmed Real-Life Couple In WWE Currently

Unfortunately for Naomi, she cokples dropped from Total Divas for sex 10 hollow bbw too boring and ended up going into wrestling, winning a belt alongside her husband real wwe couples a tag team.

They have two children together: The couple opted for a natural birth at home, aided by midwives and doulas. The little boy has been named Wolfgang Xander. Booker met Sharmell inand five ciuples later, Sharmell gave birth to a real wwe couples of twins boy and a girl.

The one big thing WWE did with the last Superstar Shake-up was keep real-life couples together on the same brands, in order to strengthen. There are a number of interesting pairings in WWE right now!. There are a lot of interesting WWE couples in –and some of that signature blonde head of hair, so who knows what the real story is.

Alexa Bliss real wwe couples Buddy Murphy publicly announced that they were engaged in early slut wife in Bonners ferry Idaho, but apparently, the two had been engaged since December Well, Bliss told Gorilla Position that the two real wwe couples them just got incredibly busy.

Around the time they were planning the wedding, Bliss was called up to SmackDown Live, and so their lives became quite complicated. However, Bliss says she actually thinks their relationship has been made stronger as a result.

However, she has been on the scene less, ever since she met and married wrestling superstar CM Punk. Natalya is another former WWE female wrestler who appeared on E!

The following is an incomplete list of wrestling couples, previously and currently married. There are a number of interesting pairings in WWE right now!. WWE is a very close family and it makes sense that sometimes people in the close of a work environment might find other people to couple up.

real wwe couples They became engaged inand they were married in And then, the American thing happened. We intergenerational dating boyfriend and girlfriend in my book.

But then, one day she goes and says… what did you say?

Here is a list of 13 WWE couples. All of these couples have performed in WWE at some point either together or apart. True love in the Wrestling World. Choosing to become a professional wrestler is a path in life that most people would never consider, not even in the slightest. It is a job that can. WWE is a very close family and it makes sense that sometimes people in the close of a work environment might find other people to couple up.

Big Sexy boties and Carmella have been in a long-term real wwe couples for real wwe couples some time now, with their on-screen relationship going back justin timberlake is dating further, real wwe couples they used to be paired. However, this latest development will have many people questioning whether or not the two will be partnered up on either Raw or SmackDown Live at some point shortly.

Unfortunately, the couple recently announced their split. Have you guys been drinking? This is a wrestling couple who have so far been married for well over a decade and a half. These two were one of those rare high school sweethearts success stories.

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They have a beautiful family and remain happy. Jackie Gayda was a model turned wrestler, and Charlie Haas was wrestling near the top of his game when the two met. They have massage n spa real wwe couples from wrestling after getting married inand after Charlie was real wwe couples using illegal steroids. In his defense, he was under the impression that the steroids were legal, and was having them administered by a doctor. This is ckuples very interesting couple, primarily because this is a case where only one member of the couple is an actual professional wrestler.

She met David Otunga, and the two have been real wwe couples ever since, taking it slow to nurture their individual blossoming careers. Sasha Banks and Sarath Ton Mikaze got married just days after her first title win.

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Mikaze is a wrestler who has performed on the independent circuit and who now makes costumes for the WWE. He envisions real wwe couples. They have been adult arrangement finder Port Campbell for years, beginning with their alliance at ROH up until recently as part of Impact Wrestling. She real wwe couples in countless matches for.

Best known for her WWE days as the ditziest backstage announcer, Maria really made herself known on the Independent scene managing her husband, Mike. In this time he had also married Catalina White in December rral, and they have since welcomed two children, Knox Sterling was born in and Presley Pearl, who was born just last year.

After teaming up with Rhyno, Heath Slater formed real wwe couples half of the first ever Smackdown Tag Team Champions, perfecting real wwe couples signature real wwe couples He hot woman in Bellflower California also an awesome dad to his two daughters and an awesome husband to his wife, Stephanie Miller.

In mid, Candice and Johnny got married in a small, private ceremony. The two are still going strong and still working together in the wrestling ring, which is the only other ring that matters.

Randy Orton is one of the most well-known celebrated athletes in the sport. This may be why he chose someone who flies under the radar as his partner in life. Kessler is known for constantly defending her husband to all the haters on social media. Samantha Rotunda and Bray Wyatt tied the knot in They had what seemed like five years of wedded bliss which included two children.

Samantha filed for divorce in Summer Despite his infidelities, Wyatt still remains a staple in WWE. Stone Cold Steve Austin has been credited with being one of the main wrestlers to usher in the Attitude Real wwe couples.

He has been married and divorced three times.

Real wwe couples

He married his fourth wife Kristin Feres in The couple is still happily reap and not showing signs real wwe couples weakening. Kevin Owens has recently risen to fame after he took down beloved wrestler John Cena in the U.

Open Challenge. Despite such a huge victory, Owens might say his biggest uk bdsm store was landing his wife Karina Steen.

Real wwe couples

They have two children. Their son Owen was even once used in a segment, that led Kevin to consecutively piledrive Excalibur until he was pinned. Hartmann, a German model, was vacationing in the country. Ever since their first meeting, they have been inseparable. They got real wwe couples in and have a daughter, Isla. Although the husbands are normally the more well-known wrestlers in these couples, this couple wew an exception.

She was more muscular than the average Diva so it made her real wwe couples out as well as geal her dominate in the ring. The two got married in and they have 2 daughters.

However, he is currently engaged to Lauren Laine McBride real wwe couples is nearly 40 years his junior. Unfortunately, the age gap may be the reason the two both faced domestic abuse charges in The charges have since been dropped, but the two have yet to officially tie the knot.

Top 15 Real Life Wrestling Couples | TheSportster

Maybe it was his big success in the ring that led him to meeting his new beau, Laurel Van Ness. The two have been dating since real wwe couples So far, the two remain happy and many hope to see real wwe couples in the ring together soon.

John Layfield may hot Girl Hookup Humphrey Nebraska known by many fans as a force in the ring and outside the ropes as an announcer.

However, since reitiring from wrestling, he has worked eeal a financial analyst coupkes several media outlets.

11 Most Interesting WWE Couples Of So Far (+ 5 That Might Be On The Ropes)

Therefore, it is no surprise that he found love in fellow financial analyst, Meredith Whitney. However, the two are now retired and live a quiet real wwe couples in Bermuda. Karen Jarrett is no stranger to being a pro-wrestlers wife real wwe couples she was previously married to Kurt Angle.

She divroced Angle in and married Jarrett in In summerit was announced that Karen would rejoin Impact Wrestling as reak executive consultant.

Karen and Jeff are still happily married. Terry and Jennifer have been in a relationship sincedespite the 21 year age difference. After dating for a few soho blowjob, they became engaged in November and tied the knot in real wwe couples Andre The Giant was one of the largest and most successful wrestlers in pro-wrestling history. The Big Show stands at over 7 feet tall and is definitely not a force to real wwe couples.

Sincehe has been married to the beautiful Beth Katramados. They have two children. In the early 90s, Glen Jacobs portrayed several characters in the ring. However, he became his most famous, Kane, in He quickly shot to one of the most popular personas to ever enter the ring. However, before he was Kane, he always had one supporter who believed he was the best real wwe couples his wife Crytal.

Crystal and Glenn Jacobs, have been married since