The REAL Reason We Want To Heal…

After more than a year of not recording, I am back with one final episode.  In today’s episode, I will discuss why we want to heal and what’s next!…


Even though this is the last episode of Ask An ExMormon Therapist, it’s just the beginning of a brand new journey.

I have just launched The Advanced Relationship Podcast, where I, often joined by my husband, Bryce, talk about how to create the most intimate, loving and powerful relationships on the planet! If you’re ready to check out the next project, and listen to The Advanced Relationship Podcast CLICK HERE!

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Here’s to lighting up your life, and sharing it with others!

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10% Happier! 2017 Summer Retreat! August 18-21. Heber City, UT.

Heber hot tubHeber Retreat living roomheber outdoor patio


Listen to the announcement here: Retreat Announcement

I am excited to announce that this is happening!


10% Happier! The Essential Skills for Increasing Confidence and Satisfaction and Creating More of What You Want Today!

“My goal is to help you leave this workshop/retreat feeling 10% happier more of the time, for the rest of your life.” -Jenny Morrow

August 18th-August 21st 2017
Heber City, UT

What would be different if you felt 10% happier…everyday?

– What if you could reconnect to things that light you up?
– What if you had more time for yourself?
– What if you could remember how much fun life can be?
– What if you could experience more connection with others?

This 3-day intimate workshop-retreat will blend mindfulness practices, movement, fun, healthy eating, and daily workshops to teach you the four steps to embody 10%+ more happiness in your day-to-day life…starting today!

Jenny Morrow, founder of the Advanced Relationship Academy, will teach you the four essential steps for increasing happiness by at least 10%. This four-step process (P.O.E.T) was developed through her work in over 10,000 sessions with clients, and really works if you want to feel more confident and at peace, as well as create more of what you desire…more love, more money, more fun…

Bryce Bauer, life coach and developer of “Sober365” will be leading a daily meditation practice. Whether you are a beginner or advanced meditator, taking the time to integrate meditation into a daily habit can create more life satisfaction and focus on the goals that matter to you.

This 3-day workshop/retreat begins Friday, August 18th at 1:00 PM and ends Monday, August 21st at 10:00 AM.

The best part…along with all the learning, growth and change there will be lots of time for having fun, relaxing, connecting with others, and enjoying the beautiful views in Heber City, UT.!

Registration options available:

– All-Inclusive Workshop and Lodging (Double Occupancy or Single Occupancy).
– Workshop (includes activities and meals), lodging not included.



New Year’s Social in Salt Lake City


Come join me for an intimate New Year’s Social on Thurs. Jan. 5th.  from 7:00-9:30.  Admission will be free, and space will be limited, so an RSVP will be required.  You can RSVP by sending an email to  Let me know how many would like to come, and I will send you a confirmation with the address and details.

I’m so excited to share this night with you, and begin the year with a bang!

Listen to the announcement here:


Parenting By Connection


In this episode Jenny interviews Emily Celis…a therapist, former Mormon, and amazing parent…on how she applies the mindset and strategies of the “Parenting By Connection” model.

They discuss how this model can benefit parents post-religion, who are looking for a way to create an environment that supports healthy thinking and emotional balance.

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Jenny loved doing this episode and is excited to share the resources below!

  • Emily Celis, MS.  The Open Door Center for Integrative Healing.
    Marriage and Family Therapist Registered Intern.
  • Abigail Wald
    Parenting Coach, Trained in Parenting By Connection
  • Websites:
  • Books:
    –  “Parenting By Connection: The Complete Set,” by Patty Wipfler
    –  “Listen,” by Patty Wipfler
    –  “Connection Parenting,” by Pam Leo
    –  “Parenting from the Inside Out,” by Dan Siegel & Mary Hartzell
    –  “How to Talk so Kids Will Listen, and Listen So Kids Will Talk,” by Adele Faber
    –  “Parenting Without Power Struggles,” by Susan Jeffers
    –  “Daring Greatly,” by Brene Brown

Personality Shifts…?!

carnevale di venezia maschere

What happens when you or a loved one experiences personality changes as they leave or re-enter religion? Jenny answers a man’s letter, and describes reasons why our personalities may appear to change over time or with certain experiences.

If you’re interested in better understanding how personality “changes” can show up within different levels of health, check out the Enneagram Institute ( for some ideas.

To listen to this episode click on the link below or go to iTunes and search “Ask An ExMormon Therapist” under podcasts.

Repress Me No More

Attractive woman with raised arms shouting to the wind

What is repression all about? Why do we do it.  Why can it feel problematic?  And how do we begin to do something different? On this episode, Jenny answers a woman’s letter, offering some ideas for how to manage a past life of repression.

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In The episode Jenny asks for anyone to leave comments on the “benefits of living a repressed life,” or “the benefits of repression.”  If you have any ideas for the letter writer add them in the comments below.  *NOTE: Just because something had a benefit to us for a period of time doesn’t necessarily mean we need it anymore.  Finding benefits is simply a way to loosen our grip on the subconscious, “self-protective” pattern, and NOW consciously learn ways to get those benefits met in a new and healthier way.

3 Secrets To Having Happy, Healthy Relationships…Even When Beliefs are Different


Have you ever thought that if you, and someone you love, could just believe the same way, then everything would be better?!

In this episode Jenny explores the idea of connection and intimacy, and discusses 3 secrets to having happy, healthy relationships…even when beliefs are different.

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2 Handouts:

vulnerability risk aliveness
Masks, coping, survival strategies