LIVE EVENT!! November 6th, 7:00-10:00 PM in Salt Lake City, UT

Hi All,

This is Jenny Morrow, your host for Ask An ExMormon Therapist.

I’m excited to be announcing a live event!!  Come join me for a question and answer workshop at my place on Friday November 6thThe workshop will be held in Salt Lake City (near the Millcreek/Holladay area), from 7:00 to 10:00 PM.

This should be a really great night! It will be casual, while also having some structure. We’ll start at 7:00 PM with some light Hor d’oeuvres and socializing. I’ll then answer questions and offer some ideas for working through faith/religious transition from 7:30-10:00 PM.

I will mix in teaching some therapeutic ideas as I answer questions, so it should be helpful even if you don’t come prepared with any questions.

Feel free to register no matter where you are in your own process. So whether you consider yourself NOM, still believing, Post Mormon, or ExMormon, if you have genuine questions…or want to listen to others’ questions, you’re welcome to be there.

Registration is $20.  (or $30 total for two people from the same household).  If you’re interested in registering send me an email at

Write “Registration” in the subject line and list the names of those who want to register, and a phone number or email where I can reach you. I will then touch base with details.

Looking forward to a great night! Getting to know some of you better, and answering questions!

6 thoughts on “LIVE EVENT!! November 6th, 7:00-10:00 PM in Salt Lake City, UT

  1. Hi Jenny,

    I’m working my way through your podcasts and they’ve been soooo helpful! This is exactly the kind of information I wanted so I can heal and rebuild in a positive, healthy way. People who haven’t been through this kind of experience just don’t get it, so it’s been great having you there to talk about our specific issues. Please, please keep up the great work!

    I’ve noticed a lot of former members (including myself) have been triggered and stressed out from GC this past weekend. We see so much about it in our SM feeds, both from TBM friends and families who aren’t blocked for whatever reason, as well as from ex-Mormon groups who are (understandably) venting about it. What’s bothered me most was hearing about specific messages being said during GC that make me mad because they’re so manipulative, or insulting, or fear-inducing. They’re just terrible. It’s hard to just let that go. I really wish I could! And now, post GC, I’m seeing the aftermath on my FB thread. Many of my LDS friends who don’t normally post excessively about the church (and who I therefore have not unfollowed) are posting 6, 8, 10 posts all in a row parroting back these horrible messages they heard this weekend. Maybe I need to just avoid SM during and immediately after the next conference, but I don’t remember it being this bad last time. (For reference, I mentally left the church a year ago, but have officially been out for 10 months.) What I really want to know is, how can I better cope with these kinds of triggers? I find myself wanting to “answer” those messages I see, but answer to who? The church doesn’t care, and I’m not looking to get into an argument with my friends and loved ones. I don’t want to post stuff on my FB page, because I don’t want to offend people, even though all I’m doing is sharing my opinion. But it would also open things up to arguments, and I’m just not interested. It’s not like it’s going to make any difference to people still in the church anyway. All they’ll do is spin it to mean I’ve left the church, but can’t leave it alone, therefore the church must be true. So irritating. So I feel silenced, even though I’m aware that I’m silencing myself, and that’s hard. Also, I find myself worrying that the messages these friends and family heard all weekend will have a direct impact on my relationships with them. What if they now feel motivated to either reactivate or shun me? Has this impacted their opinion of me (because now I’m weak, wicked, misled, etc. etc.). More than that, how can STOP CARING what the church or ANYONE thinks of me? I know myself. I know I’m a good person and doing the best I can do with the world as I see it. Why can’t that be enough?

    I would love a podcast about this. Based on the comments I’m seeing in a private post-Mormon group, I think a lot of us could benefit from some insight.

    Thanks so much again for all you’re doing!


    • Hi Donna,

      Thanks for your feedback! I’m so glad it’s been helpful 🙂

      Yes, it’s amazing what a weekend like general conference can stir up…both for LDS members, and for those who’ve left. There’s a lot of feelings in air around the “good” and the “bad” of it all. Since I’ve seen a lot of other people also struggling with this, I would love to use your questions to lead a discussion. Are you okay with me reading your comment on the podcast just as it’s been written here?


      • Hi Jenny,

        Yes, absolutely (but if you could only read my first name on the podcast, that’d be great). Thank you for addressing this. I look forward to hearing your insights. 🙂




  2. Hi Jenny,

    I took a break from things for a while so I just now listened to the podcast. It was very insightful and informative. Thank you. You hit on a few larger issues in my life and gave me a lot to think about. I think this is going to help me with things I’ve struggled with in other areas. Thanks again for all you do. 🙂


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