Let’s Talk About SEX Baby!

Close up of four feet in a bed

Like many things in life, sex can be a journey. How do you find peace with where you are today, while moving towards the kind of sexual life that you truly desire?

Go to iTunes and subscribe to “Ask An Ex-mormon Therapist,” or go to the link below.


There are so many resources to help you work towards the kind of sex life you desire.  Here are just a few places that may offer some interesting ideas.  (Disclaimer: I found these while doing a simple google search on resources.  I do not endorse any of these, as I don’t have enough experience with their work, but I wanted people to see there are a variety of resources that can help you access the experiences you desire sexually…with yourself, others, or a partner).  Some of these resources offer free newsletters, etc. so feel free to check things out.


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