8 thoughts on “The Great Face Off

  1. Hi Jenny, I listened to your podcast and love it. I was going through my notes and realized I never wrote down exactly what the POET stood for. Do you have a handout or a worksheet to help work through the stories we tell ourselves?


  2. Really excellent! I totally relate. Choice Point is at the crossroads of big change and so am I. Sometimes the sense of entrapement due to past choices seems like a prison. Your analysis was spot on; the past choices were possibly the correct choices given tools available. That was the “ah-ha” moments in this epesode for me. Listened to it twice. I will plan on listening to more. Good stuff!


  3. Wow. … I am eating up every second of this podcast. I am not the type of person to comment on a podcast, but this is just fantastic. Every episode thus far has opened my eyes and helped me make certain realizations about myself and where I want to go from here. I have hope now (I began to cry as I wrote that). Real hope that I can be who and what I want and that I can feel happy and fulfilled. Thank you thank you thank you.


    • Wow, thank you for sharing! That is such a powerful experience…to feel hope. I’m so glad this podcast has been helpful. It really is possible to keep moving closer and closer to being who you want to be, and to feel happy and fulfilled in that. And wow, it really does take living to get us there. We have to face reality, and ourselves, to feel the contrast of what works for us and what doesn’t. I’m so glad you shared 🙂


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